Poem (Orange)

“This poem goes a little something like this

It’s already been said before but please

Humour me for just a moment longer

It’s not a thing you’ll want to miss

It’s not all too clever but yet, you stuck around long

enough to read this the whole way through.”

Orange, go rage!

A poem by Topher 2017

via Daily Prompt: Orange

In response to Succumb

How did I find myself here?

For months now I’ve been receiving these daily prompts, and I’ve always thought of myself as a steadfast, go-against the crowd kind-of guy. It must be the hang-over from Friday the 13th, that must be it because now I’ve finally surrendered to one of the prompts, I’ve finally written in response to Succumb

I don’t know how long you’re supposed to make your responses but, it feels as if additional paragraphs might just be enough.

Usually during this time (Halloween month), I try my best to not be a part of it but making sure not to ruin it for my younger relatives. So last night, whilst they are on their school holidays, they came over to stay with us and as kids love their snacks and other “junk” foods we drove to the nearest shopping to get those items.

Whilst there, they headed directly for the Halloween aisle where you could find all sorts of costumes and make-up. It was here I could not resist but join them in trying out different costumes and masks, however the make-up was a step too far. One foot in-front of the other for now I think.

And here it is, take it all for I have now capitulated and have no more willpower left. Perhaps I must brace myself for the next prompt that’s to come and, get wrapt in it.

Thank you for calling, bye.

via Daily Prompt: Succumb

Noob on the loose

Sunny day… why not?

A ‘noob on the loose’, is a term that was not originally created by myself, the “noob” in question. Rather it’s been adopted, adapted and generally kicked around a bit. Firstly, let me introduce myself, my name is… ‘not important’ right now.

What is, is why I am here, not in the world but on your screen reading this.

It started on the 31st July 2017 when, I was returning from my search for a job and meeting – and yes people still go and actually hand out CV/resume  – with prospective employers when it struck me. I want to show that I am not a ‘noob’, and that I have some experience or at least that I was keen on gaining relevant job experience. Sitting in-front of my laptop computer at home I realized that, I had the tools at my disposal to do all of that. In an age when we use computers for practical everything, it’s easy to forget that computers can be used for more than just watching YouTube videos or enjoying our favorite shows on Netflix.

With all the different sources available now, we can practically go out there on the web and really reinvent ourselves and become true expert in our chosen areas of interest, with a little patience and plenty of determination. That is what I am here to do, to reinvent myself and find my way in this digital world and truly master something that I can call my own and show transform from a noob to a true expert.

It’s okay to be a ‘noob’ or feel like a ‘noob’, for that’s the way we all were – before we found perfection, through proper practice – and that if we stick with what we do, we will improve.

I am a noob, but I will get better.