Poem (Orange)

“This poem goes a little something like this

It’s already been said before but please

Humour me for just a moment longer

It’s not a thing you’ll want to miss

It’s not all too clever but yet, you stuck around long

enough to read this the whole way through.”

Orange, go rage!

A poem by Topher 2017

via Daily Prompt: Orange

Author: ctopher15

It's usually difficult to talk about myself. Ironically, that's what this blog is about...me. I'm a young man aspiring to great things, seeking to learn new things everyday, enrich my life and that of others around me through mine and our combined experiences. You already know that I blog, or at the inception stage of it at least. I also find myself wandering up hilltops and near mountains. Occasionally, I try my hand at other creative ventures such making music and very rarely write a poem and if possible convert that into some sort of musical lyric that doesn't get recorded.

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